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Digital Brand Strategist - Social Media Strategist - Abrera, barcelona

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Digital Brand Strategist - Social Media Strategist — Barcelona

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Fecha:  Jueves, 12 Julio de 2018
Localización: Barcelona (Abrera) , España
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Company description :

Our advertsing agency is searching for social media strategist. We are specialized in branded content for social media. We connect brands to consumers through original and quality content in a language adapted to the target audience, while meeting their expectations.
We design and manage influencing marketing campaigns (hunting and management) in Europe and America. We guarantee the reach of your campaigns with our own tools and specialized partners.

Having an in-house audiovisual production company allows us to reduce time, costs and ensure more effective communication. 

If you are looking for a big or medium size company with relevant resources for commercial practices we are not your company. If you are searching to take responsibility in different roles and see your work making a direct impact in the company, we are waiting for you!
We are based in Barcelona (Spain) in the neighborhood of Poblenou and if you want to know more about MODE MEDIA agency visit our website:

Job description:

Education: Advertising, digital marketing.
Experience desired: Social media marketing, advertising
Languages: English and Spanish.


Digital Brand Strategist - Social Media Strategist - influencer marketing strategist - Copy writer -Influencer Manager - Digital Marketing Trainer - brand manager - Brand identity design

online marketing, communication, digital business, advertising.Knowledge and Experience in: In digital marketing, digital strategist, brand strategist, communication strategist, marketing & media planner, social networks, social media manager, copy writter, creative advertising.

Ideal profile:Professional Pro active and with initiative. Able to perform for presentations to clients.
Desirable, not essential: knowledge in audiovisual production

Interests: Marketing, communication, audiovisual language.


- Planning, execution / supervision of social media strategies.

-Management of digital projects and coordination with clients.

- Community manager

- Coordination with CEO in the design of the commercial strategy of the agency.

- Design and implementation of the communication strategy of the Agency on the web, social networks.Responsible for new business and generation of opportunities, creating the link between the agency and customers.

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