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Oportunidades de trabajo — Cáceres

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Fecha:  Miércoles, 05 Marzo de 2014
Localización: Cáceres (Cáceres) , España
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Precio:    5600

!!!JOB VACANCY!!! We are looking for competent employees to come work in our establishment. we need: Drivers, Cooks, Stewards, Gardeners ,Nurses, Engineers, Electricians Maintenance men, Care givers(Nannies), Teachers, Stewards, Waitresses, I.T Technicians, Web Designers, Agriculturalists and other domestic servants to come and work in our house hold,Restaurants and hotels here in the United States of America. We shall pay all our workers discreetly that is good salary and a weekly allowance shall also be provided to all employees. So if you know you are willing and competent enough to come over here and work with us, then contact us as soon as possible. We are assuring you the best of our cooperation and hospitality. So for more details, just email us directly via my email address Thanks once again and hope we have a good experience.

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